We empower feminists to discover, define and design their personal paths to financial success through coaching programS, in-person workshops and virtual learning opportunities

If you are here and feeling overwhelmed, confused, frustrated or scared by your finances —that’s okay!

We are here to help you break it down to bite sized pieces and create a plan that works for you. Are you ready to feel empowered by your finances?

We believe you can reach your financial goals


Lifestyle Planning: We’ve been conditioned to think there’s only one way to be financially happy. Verdi supports clients in discovering what lifestyle will actually satisfy them. Instead of using arbitrary standards, we help you design your own unique financial path.

No Wealth Requirement: Most financial institutions have a minimum net worth requirement in order to work with them. Verdi is open to all who are ready and willing to make the changes necessary to make their financial goals a reality.  


The Verdi Process

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In your first session we will work together to determine the best program for you.

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The Verdi Coaching Series is split between Guided & Self-Guided experiences. The type of series is based on your needs!

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Working with Caroline is a dream, especially in a space that at times feels so overwhelming.
— Denali Lander, Executive Director, Youth Run NOLA